Mobile Sales EnablementAs sales teams look for ways to engage with prospects in our gadget-dependent workplace environment, mobile might just be the perfect solution.

Mobile solutions can enable Sales Reps to customize and prepare content based on their knowledge of clients, which ultimately leads to a pitch that is more memorable and successful.

What is Sales Enablement?

According to Business2Community, sales enablement is “a systematic approach for helping reps prepare for customer interactions, engage effectively with their audiences, and advance sales opportunities to close”.

Three key words stand out in this definition: prepare, engage, advance.

How can companies use mobile devices to prepare their sales teams, help them engage with clients and advance opportunities?
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CRM for BankingA well-planned CRM strategy will increase any company’s likelihood of success in meeting marketing, sales and customer experience objectives. However, if you’re a financial services firm, here are a few special considerations to take into account when implementing a CRM.


Today, in the banking and financial services industry, the customer is empowered with choice. Brand loyalty is rare and likely linked to a mortgage, loan or some other contractual obligation. It’s common for many customers to maintain financial services relationships with more than one bank or financial service company.
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Since WPC, the world has been abuzz with some new functionality introduced into Azure – the ability to create a SharePoint farm from scratch with the click of a button. It sounds great, but there’s a lot you need to know. So let’s dive in!


Overview of SharePoint Server Farms in Azure

To start off, you need to use the new Azure Portal (in preview) at When you click on New Virtual Machine, the banner shows the option for creating a full SharePoint Server Farm:

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Windows ApportalsThe new Microsoft Apportals will allow enterprises to configure Windows 8 experiences to specific employee roles, and automatically provision all the links, apps and app data an employee needs.


A portal serves an important purpose: to put all of the pieces of information and each tool you need to do your job into one easy-to-find place. There have been portals for as long as we’ve had HTML – a few decades at this point. Over the years, the capability of products like SharePoint have enabled highly sophisticated portal experiences.
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A common miss in requirements is the back button. How you design this button has tremendous impact on how users navigate within your mobile app. It’s one of those things that seems intuitive and easy to grasp until you dig into it and find out that none of the platforms you’re targeting agree on a single approach.

At imason, we use Xamarin to build cross platform mobile applications for our clients. Using Xamarin enables us to take advantage of native UI toolkits and design familiar interface to the user.

Our recommendation is to implement your application’s back button based on each device’s native experience. This will make users feel right at home using your mobile app.

 Device  App Back Button  OS Back Button  Device Back Button
 iOS: iPad and iPhone   ✓ Yes
 Android Phone   ✓ Yes (Newer Models)   ✓ Yes (Older Models)
 Android Tablet   ✓ Yes
 Windows Phone   ✓ Yes
 Windows Tablet   ✓ Yes

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Watch these customer testimonial videos to better understand how Sitrion enterprise social tools are making a difference in a global, 20,000+ person professional services consulting firm.

mercer-logoMercer is a global consulting leader in talent, health, retirement and investments with over 20,000 employees around the world in 43 countries. In 2012, Mercer president and CEO, Julio A. Portalatin, sought to improve employee engagement and innovation within the firm.  The Global Knowledge Management team felt strongly that enterprise social collaboration could be achieved by redesigning the company’s intranet, MercerLink.

Working with Sitrion, a provider of social and collaboration platforms, imason helped Mercer move from business case approval to launching a new MercerLink that empowered employees to build communities, discover expertise, blog, innovate and recognize top performers in under 7 months.
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This summer, I presented several workshops on requirements gathering and I kept finding myself focusing on six critical considerations.  As it turns out, asking the right questions to the right people to get the right information you need to design your technology solution turns out to be much more challenging than many organizations expect.  However, nothing helps ensure success in developing solutions to business problems better than proper planning.

All successful software design is highly dependent on a thorough understanding of the needs to be satisfied by the software.  Theoretically, software can be built with sketchy or imprecise definitions of the solution, but you would have to have a high tolerance for rework and revision, and that can get costly in the long run.

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Creating symbols in Balsamiq allows you to make the most out of your custom components. Symbols are maintained in one central location, ensuring that all wireframes that reference them are always up-to-date.

Learn how to leverage this tool in your Balsamiq wireframes by following these simple steps. Symbols are to Balsamiq what CSS is to HTML.

When should we use symbols?

  1. When there’s a good amount of effort in creating a custom control.
  2. When we plan to use a control in multiple wireframes and this control is prone to change as we iterate through our work.

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Enterprise portals and intranets play a key role in internal communications and collaboration.

How can enterprises use portals to continue driving increased productivity, as well as enhancing employee engagement?

In this 4 min video, Stephen Kearns, Director of Portals at imason, sits down with Eric Adams, VP of Business Development at Sitrion, to talk about trends in the portal space and how imason is responding to them.
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